About Foodify

General Info

What is Foodify?

Foodify is a free, online food ordering service that enables customers to easily order food for their business meetings and events. We’re the One Stop Shop for food ordering! Questions? Email us (customerservice@foodify.com), call us (800)326-1480, or chat us on the homepage.

Why should I use Foodify?

Foodify is the easiest way to order business catering from a wide variety of local restaurants and caterers (“food partners”), and you will have access to them all in one place. Foodify’s best-in-class website offers sophisticated account management tools, a reviews and rankings system, and rewards customers for frequent ordering. Our terrific Customer Success team is committed to making sure each meal goes off without a hitch, and provides support if you run into any problems along the way.

How do I sign up for Foodify?

To create a customer account, just click Customer Signup in the upper right-hand corner of the Foodify homepage. After filling out some basic information and creating a password, you will be logged in to your account. If you would like to create a new corporate billing account, or be associated with your company’s existing billing account, please contact Foodify Customer Success at (800)326-1480.

What is the fee for using Foodify?

There is absolutely no fee to use Foodify. We are compensated by our food partners, who enlist us to help them sell more food and provide high touch customer support.

What markets does Foodify serve?

Foodify currently serves Baltimore, DC Metro, Richmond, Houston, and Charlottesville.

How is the menu pricing determined in Foodify?

Our food partners have provided us with up-to-date menus and pricing that should match their printed delivery menus. If you happen to notice any discrepancies, please let us know and we will contact the food partner immediately.

Is your site secure?

Yes, you may place orders with confidence, since we use 128-bit SSL encryption and secure hosting facilities for all sensitive data. Please see our Privacy Policy in the footer of this page for more details.

What is your privacy policy?

You control how we share your information. Please see our Privacy Policy for more detail.

Using Foodify

How can I see what restaurants are available to deliver?

If you are not logged in to your account, just plug in your delivery zip code on the homepage and you can see all food partners that deliver to that area. If you are logged in, just select one of your delivery locations in the Start Your Order box. If you need to add a new delivery location, please go to My Account > Manage Locations.

Can someone show me how to place an order on the website?

Sure! Please call our Customer Success team at (800)326-1480, email them at customerservice@foodify.com, or contact them via live chat on the Foodify homepage.

Can I view my past receipts?

Yes, you may see and print out any receipts in your Order History on your Account Dashboard. If you are having trouble navigating the website or have any other questions, please call (800)326-1480 or email customerservice@foodify.com.

What if I don’t see the restaurant or caterer that I’m looking for?

We’re always looking for new food partners! Send us your suggestion by clicking Suggest a Food Partner - it's in the footer of every page.


Where can I view all of my orders?

You can review and work with all of your orders right from your Account Dashboard. If you scroll down to the bottom of your Account Dashboard, you will see the Current Orders tab, which displays all pending, current, and upcoming orders; and the Order History tab, which displays all orders that have already taken place.

If I lose my page while assembling an order, does my order save?

Yes. If you’ve added an item or items to your order, the order will be saved on your Account Dashboard. To continue working on a pending order, just navigate to My Account > Account Dashboard, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click View/Update next to the order. If you wish to cancel a pending order, just click the garbage can icon next to the View/Update button.

Can I make changes to an order without contacting Customer Success?

Yes, you may make changes to your order by logging in to your account, scrolling down to the bottom of your Account Dashboard, and clicking View/Update next to the appropriate order. After your changes have been made, please be sure to finalize your updated order by checking out again, so your changes are sent to the food partner (you will receive an updated email). Please note that you can make changes online only up to a food partner’s established cut-off time. If you need to make changes after this cut-off time, please contact Customer Success at (800)326-1480.

How should I determine my delivery time when placing an order?

Delivery time is the time at which you would like your food delivered. You should plan for a 15 minute buffer between your delivery time and event time, which allows the food partner time to set up the food, if necessary. Food partners do their best to arrive as close to the delivery time as possible, but circumstances such as additional deliveries and traffic may require that they arrive up to 30 minutes prior to the selected delivery time. If you require that the food partner not arrive before a certain time, please indicate this information in your delivery instructions. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Success at (800)326-1480.

Can I place an order in advance?

Yes, you can place orders days or months in advance.

Can I place an order for same-day delivery?

Yes! Foodify has partnered with several food partners who offer same day delivery. Simply enter your event details in the Start Your Order box to see a list of food partners available for your event.

How do I know that the food partner has received my order?

You will receive an email confirmation. After the order is confirmed, our team checks in with each food partner the day prior to delivery to provide a final confirmation.

What is the group order feature?

Foodify’s group order feature allows you to email a specific menu to a group of people so they can make their individual meal selections.

How do I place a group order?

After creating the group in Manage Groups in your Account Dashboard drop-down, you may email a menu to them to select from, or create your own edited menu. Have a specific question about the process? Give our Customer Success team a call at (800)326-1480.

What if I need to cancel an order?

Just go into your Account Dashboard and select the order and click on the garbage can icon. Orders cannot be cancelled after the order cutoff time or 24 hours before the order is to be delivered, whichever comes first. If you wish to cancel an order after this time, please contact Customer Success at (800)326-1480, and we will work with the food partner to determine a cancellation policy for your particular order. Cancelled orders will show up in your Order History.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, the food partners have set up their individual delivery minimums. The base minimum order amount for each food partner is listed on the search results page, but order minimums may vary slightly, depending on your delivery location. The exact minimum order amount for your location will be clearly displayed on your order page.

How do I specify special instructions?

You may make any special requests (i.e., condiments on the side, no onions) in the appropriate box under each item you order. Please do not make requests for additional items in the special instructions as there may be additional costs to add these items. Please contact Customer Success at (800)326-1480, who can facilitate this with the food partner.

Can I keep a list of my favorite food partners?

Yes, just click the Favorites button on any food partner page and they will be added to the Favorite Food Partners tab on your Account Dashboard.

Can I replicate a previous order that I liked a lot?

Yes, you can copy any order from your Order History (orders that have already occurred). Just go to your Order History on your Account Dashboard and select Reorder. You will be prompted to create a copy of the order with a new date and time. Please note that if a food partner’s menu has changed since the time of your original order, prices may have changed or items may be unavailable. Customer Success will reach out to you in such cases.

How much should I tip?

It is customary to tip between 10%-20% of the food/beverage total. You select the tip when you place your order, so you never have to tip the driver directly upon delivery.

Is there a delivery fee?

Some food partners charge a delivery fee that is clearly displayed when you place your order. The base delivery fee for each food partner is listed on the search results page, but delivery fees may vary, depending on your delivery location. The exact delivery fee for your location will be clearly displayed on your order page.

How do I leave a review?

We encourage you to submit a rating and review for all your orders, and you can do so through your Account Dashboard. Simply locate the food partner in your Current Orders or Order History and click Rate and Review. Each time you review a food partner, you will receive 20 rewards points.


How do I pay for an order?

You may pay with a credit card or you can establish credit with Foodify and set up a direct billing account. Foodify accepts all major credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. To set up a billing account, just fill out the credit application in Payment Methods under your Account Settings. If you have questions about being added to your company’s existing billing account, please contact Customer Success at (800)326-1480.

When do you bill my credit card?

When you use a card in the Foodify system for the first time, it is validated immediately. The card is charged at 11:00 pm EST the day of the order delivery. After a card is used to pay for an order, it is automatically added to your Payment Methods and will be available for future use.

If you wish to store a card for future use in your account, you may do so by going to Account Settings and selecting Payment Methods. Feel free to input as many cards as you like.

Rewards Program

How do I sign up for Foodify rewards?

Customers are automatically signed up for Foodify’s rewards program. You can turn rewards participation on or off in your Account Settings under Set Rewards Eligibility.

How do I earn rewards?

You earn reward points by ordering food, telling other people about Foodify, reviewing our food partners, and through other fun and easy ways. As you accumulate points, you reach different redemption levels.

What kinds of rewards does Foodify offer?

You can redeem your rewards for Target e-gift cards, Discover cards, Amazon cards, Foodify discounts, or donations to local charities.

How can I redeem my reward when I’ve reached a certain level?

On your Account Dashboard go to Earn/Redeem Points, where you can monitor your progress and redeem rewards simply by clicking on the reward of your choice. You will receive an email from Foodify and the fulfillment process will occur within seven business days. Discover cards are sent in the mail and are processed within 14-21 business days. Target cards are processed in the form of e-gift cards, which can be downloaded on the Target mobile app for in-store use.

Do my rewards points expire?

Your points expire after a year of inactivity on your account.

What if my company does not allow rewards?

You are responsible for adhering to your company’s guidelines. When in doubt, please check your company handbook or ask your supervisor!

If I am an Account Administrator, can I control whether or not others on my account participate in the rewards program?

Yes. In “Account Settings” under “Set Rewards Eligibility” you determine whether your company participates or not.

User Features

My Account Drop-Down

Access to configuring and working with your account in all aspects is right here. Update your Account Settings, manage your delivery locations and create groups for usage in group orders. And you can always get back to your Dashboard by selecting it here - it's the center of your Foodify world.

Order History

The Order History tab displays all orders that have already taken place, as well as any orders that have been cancelled.

Manage Locations

To add, edit, or delete delivery locations, enter any pertinent information here. You will then be able to select the correct delivery location when you start your order. You can save specific delivery instructions for each location by checking the “auto fill delivery instructions” box.

Manage Order Groups

If you would like to create specific ordering groups within your office, you may create those groups here. Just select New Group, create a name for the group, and add the members’ names and their email addresses. Now you will be able to select a particular group of people for an event and send the menu to them for individual requests when you are placing your order. If you do not wish to save a new group, you can add individual names and email addresses through the Add Attendee button while assembling your order.

Update Account Details

This is where the contact information and company details for the customer are kept. You may edit any of this information or change your password. Please be sure to keep an alternate contact phone number, such as a cell phone number, in the event Foodify cannot reach you on your primary phone number.

Payment Methods

You may enter multiple credit cards here for payment or download the credit application to set up a billing account. When you use a card for the first time, it is validated immediately. The card is charged at 11:00 pm EST the day of the order delivery. After a card is used to pay for an order, it is automatically added to your Payment Methods and will be available for future use.

If you wish to store a card for future use in your account, you may do so by going to Account Settings and selecting Payment Methods. Feel free to input as many cards as you like.

If you wish to delete a credit card from your account, you may do so by clicking the Delete button in the Payment Methods section.

Define Tax Exempt Status

If you are tax exempt, you will need to submit a tax ID number in the field provided, or email your tax ID number to customerservice@foodify.com.

Set Spending Quotas

The account administrator may create quota groups for different departments or other account users. Set quotas do not restrict the usage of the account, but are used to notify users and administrators about spending activity. Select New Quota Group and add the Group Members and monthly spending limit here.

Redeem Rewards

You can see your rewards point progress here, and the breakdown of points based on your order activity, reviews left, friends recommended, etc.

Set Rewards Eligibility

Each customer may activate or deactivate their Customer Rewards here.

Manage Notifications

You can set how you would like to receive your order notifications here, which include Order Status Alerts, Delivery Alerts, and Urgent Alerts.

Manage Account Users

The account administrator may add new account users here who will be able to order from your company’s account. Additionally, if you would like any of your users to have administrator privileges, you would mark that here. If you would like your new account user to have access to an existing company billing account through Foodify, please contact Customer Success at (800)326-1480.

My Ratings and Reviews

You may see any ratings or reviews you have given the food partners you have ordered from. You may also update any prior ratings or reviews.