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As our nation's capital, DC is the USA's merging point for many flavors of the world.

Find some of Italy, Greece, Lebanon and Israel's tastiest at Meli Melo. Start with traditional Mediterranean appetizers like baba ganoush, spinach pie, caprese or different types of hummus. Then mix and match skewer platters of meats, seafood and veggies with creamy yogurts and herb sauces, like mint, cilantro, garlic and tahini. 

Or enjoy the bold tastes of India and Pakistan from Silver Spoon Kabobs. There are tons of curries, kabobs and rice dishes to choose from, or to pair up on a combo.

Catering chefs take full advantage of the city's eclectic tastes. For example, at GNG Catering, you can put together your own tasting trip around the world. Begin with savory Greek spanakopita, spicy Caribbean chicken bites,  and a spread of international cheeses. Then, move on to a meal of Italian primavera, hearty New Orleans jambalaya or a sizzling Mexican fajita bar. Or just enjoy a simple sandwich spread.

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The vastness of DC's variety suits any diet. Chesapeake Food Works offers vegan, gluten-free and kosher meals among their gourmet breakfast platters, sandwiches and buffets.

J. Burke also offers gluten-free options, with options and a great draw for veggie lovers: they keep it fresh with a changing seasonal menu of current harvest produce.

This metro melting pot of cuisines also has its own creations. Chinese restaurants drizzle on mambo sauce, a distinctly DC topping.

And when you're looking through the BBQ menus for pit-roasted meats, like those found at Camden BBQ and True Cue BBQ, look for the local sausage that packs a lot of spice, the half smokes.

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Pile on every topping you can dream up, whether it's on a pizza, a sandwich platter, or... anything else you can garnish. DC Metro will serve your team a fresh feast, and you a buffet of rewards points.

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