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Chiapparelli's is a mainstay in Baltimore and is located in the heart of Little Italy. "This Little Italy Italian defines the genre with its great garlicky salad, heavy pastas and veal, and family-like atmosphere; maybe it's outdated, but it's a beacon for tourists and the faithful, because it remains, comfortingly, the same as always." --Zagat Survey

237 South High St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

M-W: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
S-Su: Closed

  • (135 ratings)
  • Cutoff: 1 day of lead time
  • Maximum headcount: 1000

Reviews (135)

Average Rating

Name Rating Review
Tanya A.

Chiapparelli's has served us well in the past. However, today was very disappointing. Items were missing but Foodify did remove from order. Salads were more lettuce than anything (other items in salad: 1.5 grape tomatoes & a very thin slice of red onion). The Seafood Ravioli, tasty, but not worth the price (there was only 4 raviolis balances approx. $5 per piece). Perhaps the restaurant was having an unusual day (shrugs).

Nanette B.

Wonderful options, great food and prompt delivery.

Chelsea K.

The sandwiches are delicious and arrived hot and fresh

Shawnel C.

Hello, The food was amazing, I am now in love with cannoli's. The salad with and without the meat was awesome and the dressing was a hit, to the point people just wanted to take some home for just regular salad. (we had no dressing left over) The one small run in was my supervisor stated that the pans of lasagna or penne where place on top of each other and the cheese stuck to the top of the lids, but the dishes where both delicious and you have been recommended by me to other staff members if looking for a lunch vendor. Thank you

Paige D.

This place is amazing. Friendly and helpful. Wonderful customer service.

Kimberli F.

ALWAYS a favorite!

Terri P.

so good!

Lauren G.

Great Food & Service!

Christina B.

Food was on time and tasted great.

elizabeth b.

It was on time, right to our driveway. Everyone love the food. This is a great way to cater for groups at your home. Especially when going out can be so expensive.

Kim S.

Always amazing food! Salad and individual italian meals are a huge hit

Lynn J.

Both the Chicken parmigiana sandwich was very dry and was disappointing.

Michelle M.

Excellent food and Amazing Customer Service

Keion M.

my staff loved their lunch

Christina B.

Slight communication issues but fantastic food.

Daisha R.

Bread was a little hard but it was good overall.

Kara F.

So tasty and great value for the money!

Monica G.

The salad with the homemade dressing. nom nom. Service was great.

Jennifer H.

The food was delicious!
The only issue was the driver did not light the sterno cans, which may be typical, but we were able to track down a lighter in the building to light them.
This was our first order from Foodify, we will be using them again.

Sarah C.

I have never had a team finish the salad first. Big hit!

Chance C.

Whenever we want Italian we order from here!

Cindi S.

Authentic Italian cuisine, full of flavor and plenty of it! Fast, friendly service. A favorite go-to!

Jessica C.

great food and order was on time

Renada C.

Delivery on time and the food was delicious!

Katherine B.

good food and service

Amanda A.

Nothing beats their meatballs and salad!

Jonathan S.

Delivery was a little complicated, but the food was good.

Karen S.

Wonderful Italian food! Would order again

Darius M.

tasty food

Kristin H.

Delivered on time. Delicious.

Tamara A.

Love when I order lunch from this place! Their sub rolls are large, customizable, and can serve plenty.

Ruth B.

I did NOT receive my food order! I had a group of hungry people looking at me and nothing to give them to eat. The driver did not return to rectify things and I will not be paying for food I did not receive and bad customer service.

Joann G.

Always good food.

Kara Z.

Great food and awesome display - forgot the free lunch and $10 gift card. :( The driver was nice enough to offer to bring it to me but I didn't want him to go that far out of his way.

Nicole F.

Lunch was so good I ordered it the next day for another event :)

Madeline S.

Everyone loves your food, will definitely be ordering from you again soon.

Debra W.

The food was AMAZING.

Camila W.

Everything was great. Only suggestion would be better presentation of the desserts and the bread. Bread came in a bag and cannolis came in a tin "carry out" container.

Lisa B.

Food is always excellent from here!! They arrive on time and everything was as promised.

Beonee M.

Food is amazing! My office orders from them a lot, but I wish they had a later delivery time. We host dinners in the evening, and a 3pm delivery cut-off time make it difficult to order from them for these functions.

Carla O.


Iryna M.

We ordered three different kinds of pizza and all of them were delicious! Thanks for the timely delivery as well. Will reorder.

Lindsey L.

Delicious! Portions were huge and we had plenty of food left over. Food arrived on time.

Elgerthia D.

The fellows actually made comment about how much they enjoyed this restaurant choice. Normally they grab, eat, and get into their conference. So that in and of itself is noteworthy.

Diane S.

Great food! Our office go-to's are the meatball tray and the lasagna. It's definitely one of our favorites!

Joanne B.

Always a delight!! Always a favorite!

Marisa D.

food is the best... i don't think this type of service is for them. Delivery service is more of a drop off, no set up... no care, presentation is sloppy and drivers aren't very nice or helpful.. That said the food is great. If you order, plan ahead to do everything yourself and have extra supplies.

Jena L.

Big portions


Good food and very plentiful. Delivery was on time!

Ericka D.

We love Chiapparelli's, every time I order from here the food is very well received. Always on time and hot, and always plenty of food for everyone.

Michele I.

I placed a last minute order with Chiapparelli's for assorted sandwiches and dessert and the food delivered on time. The hot sandwiches were hot and the ice was not melted! I was happy with their presentation. The delivery person set everything up beautifully and I was surprised at the size of their subs! I placed an order for 15 people (12 subs, cut in thirds) and there was more than enough for everyone to enjoy. They liked the food and I will use this caterer again. Thanks, Chiaparelli's for making our last-minute luncheon a success!

Erica L.

The meatballs are ALWAYS a favorite. Everything tastes homemade!

Wendy G.

On time and great feedback on food.

Monika G.

If you want authentic Italian meals, Chiapparelli's is the place to go!

Barbara C.

Food is always excellent! Bonus lunch for order person and $10 gift card are a nice bonus when offered.

Amy F.

Everyone enjoyed their meal and made me look good for ordering it!!

Kara L.

Great service

Marcinda F.

Food was great, but down to the wire with delivery.

Esther H.

Amazing food and delivery was on time! Everyone enjoyed their lunch!

Dacia B.

Thumbs up all around on the great sandwiches!

Hal F.

Chicken parm was excellent.

Nicole C.

Their subs are excellent and everyone in our meeting was complimenting them. Those accompanied by their famous Chip's salad made for happy people at the lab meeting.

Louis E.

The food from Chiapparelli's is great and is a crowd favorite at my organization. Especially the mini cannoli's!

Ashleigh H.

Not the end of the world but our order was not labeled, and the hot food arrived lukewarm at best. Everything tasted good and salads were fresh and well packaged.

Bob d.

great food, arrived on time, communicated during process,

Tabitha B.

Food was delicious.

Cat C.

Having many vegetarian's in our office, Chiapparelli's is a great choice. Their food and service are excellent and there are plenty of options for meat lovers as well. Chiapparelli's salad and garlic bread are especially good, and pair well with all of their creamy, tastes-like-homemade, pasta dishes. Chiapparelli's is a favorite of our entire office.

Jeannette G.

Excellent products used and fresh which makes for delicious food.

Crystal G.

Best Italian Dressing!

Sheryl D.

Pasta dishes were excellent and of course everyone loves the Chip salad!

Carlisa J.

Chiapparelli's has the best Caesar salad and is second to none!

Amanda W.

Food was absolutely amazing! Will most definitely use them again for a larger event!

Jerome C.

awesome all around

Donna M.

Excellent as always!

Donna S.

Excellent food. Salad is to die for.

Bertica C.

I ordered Chiapparelli's for the first time today for our office and it was amazing!!! The delivery guy was so nice and on time. I highly highly reccomend Chips House Salad!!!! It was to die for. I was extremely impressed by this place and I will be ordering from them again.

Tara B.

Food is always fresh and delivered on time.

Stephanie L.

Food is always good. Best salad in Little Italy!

Ayesha M.

Excellent as always :)

Demetria J.

Chiapparelli's has a fantastic menu. So far, our favorite items are their meatballs (Huge!) and fettucini alfredo (cooked to perfection). The food always arrives on time and HOT!!! We will definitely order again in the future.

Rachel R.

The Population, Family & Reproductive Health department enjoyed the local food. The ravioli was delicious. Only issue was that the salad that we had had a little too much dressing. Still a great choice!!


Always on time! Penne with vodka is AMAZING!

Matthew P.

they catered for two of our events last week. Food was excellent and on time. Applicants loved it!

Dorja M.

First time lunch delivery and rated 5 forks. Delivery was on time and exactly as requested. Everything was packaged and presented perfectly. We will definitely order again.

Caryl T.

The main coarse was good, but the famous salad left a lot to be desired... maybe they shouldn't put the salad dressing on the salad, but serve it on the side. The salad was very soggy and limp.

DeAnna J.

They were willing to go above and beyond the service listed as options.

Hugo J.

Food was good, hot and delivered promptly. On the list for future re-orders.

Hannah C.

Delicious! Two small pans of pasta fed 15 easily. A large salad was way too much - a half pan would have been fine. Excellent food and generous portions!

Dawn Z.

Fantastic food - very nice delivery staff.

Lakishia C.

All 5 Forks! Thanks Brian and Kitt - Excellent Food! Our office favorite !

Kelly T.

Food was delicious! They did forget to drop off desserts but they realized it and went back to the restaurant to retrieve them. They were professional and helpful.

Wendy P.

Excellent customer service and the food is delicious. Always on time.

Katya H.

Everything was great as always! :)

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