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Lola's Out of the Box Lunches

Check out our Hot Buffet Menu! A box lunch that brings your old fashioned favorites together with gourmet cuisine. Our specialty is deliciously unique box lunches, which include a specialty cupcake! We prepare all of our foods fresh and just for you. Lola's, we're Deliciously Unique! Express items and Express categories are available with a 2-hour cutoff time as well as the regular cutoff time.

10 E. Franklin St #100
Richmond, VA 23219

Everyday: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

  • (27 ratings)
  • Cutoff: 4 hours of lead time
  • Maximum headcount: 1000

Reviews (27)

Average Rating

Name Rating Review
Darlene J.

I will not be ordering from Lola's again. The food was very disappointing! For the Baked Penne with Chicken, there was no chicken and the pasta was dry. The Stir Fry was so salty, it was difficult to eat and we received different sides from what was advertised for the Roasted Chicken. This was for our Holiday meeting, and everyone was looking forward to enjoying some good food together, but it was a big disappointment and took away from our festivities.

Samantha L.

Greek Salads came with Italian Dressing and cupcakes were hard and stale and the chicken was dry and fatty. Very disappointing

Kathy T.

No condiments, gluten free berry cobbler was not good

Emily R.

Lola's is always prompt with yummy lunches and cupcakes. A hit among all of our executives.

Audrey J.

I'm always pleased with my orders from Lola's. Our office members love the food, and Lola's is easy to work with. Consistent and delicious.

Ryan I.

The food was good and they were prompt with the delivery. However, they forgot my lunch.

Leslie B.

This company is owned by the same people that own Butler's. Had I known that, I would not have ordered from both places in the same week, thinking I was trying out new places. We ordered the spinach salads and they did not come as described, they came exactly how they did 2 days ago when we ordered them from Butler's. Neither of which were impressive, and getting bleu cheese when you aren't expecting it is not my idea of a good time.

Tracy M.

This food was excellent.

Leanne M.

Lola's was fantastic! They were prompt, food was great, and the cupcakes were a nice change of pace from our typical lunch fare. All of my gluten-free and vegetarian folks were very happy with the options they were provided with.

Julie A.

The best cupcake you will ever have!

Chris M.

Bread was soggy on some of the sandwiches. Was told by meeting attendees not to re-order from this company.

Ann F.

Disappointing breakfast bagels & muffins. Looked like it came from a supermarket. Would have expected more from a cupcake specialist.

Candice K.

We have been ordering Lola's all the time! Their box lunches are perfect for smaller meetings when employees want personalized meals and desserts. Their sandwich trays are perfect for larger groups! It's so nice to get a delicious cupcake with your lunch along with great chip options. Lola's is a favorite around the office for sure!

Brittany A.

Good food and GREAT cupcakes!

Amber C.

Great breakfast croissant pockets!

Fran S.

Food is delicious, consistently late on deliveries

Sandra S.

The ho ho cupcakes from here are amazing.

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