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Ejji - Japanese Ramen & Steamed Buns

After 40 years in the Baltimore restaurant scene with the success of restaurants including Chocolatea Café, the Vong-Lee family thought was time to bring it back to basics by opening Ejji, a ramen restaurant. But basics don’t have to mean boring. And by infusing their Malaysian heritage into a menu of home-cooked Asian comfort food, Ejji remains true to its name challenging conventional Japanese cuisine. Here you’ll find chile meets miso, lime alongside bamboo and creative sake infusions. Ejji challenges the typical ramen restaurant by taking a responsible approach to business and making sure our dishes use the freshest, highest quality ingredients in a fun, loud setting. Our communal style and open, casual spaces offer surprises at every slurp.

529 E.Belvedere Ave
Baltimore, MD 21212

Monday: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday: Closed
W-S: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

  • (17 ratings)
  • Cutoff: 2 days of lead time
  • Maximum headcount: 50

Reviews (17)

Average Rating

Name Rating Review
Flynn H.

Impressively tasty food and the delivery person was very helpful. Love this restaurant. Sad to hear it's closing!

Chelsea K.

The food is delicious but they are no longer open on my meeting day. But would definitely recommend if they are available for the dates that you are ordering

Lindsay R.

Everything was fantastic! I ordered for a group of high school students and they loved it!

Denise J.

Food was excellent. Will definitely order again.

Stephanie C.

Everyone loved the teriyaki chicken!! Just note that the rice is listed as coconut rice on the menu but labeled as jasmine rice in person. It was all delicious.

Sarah C.

Big hit!

Barbara C.

Expensive and very little food for the money. One thin layer of eggplant on top and underneath a whole pan of rice!! one thin layer of teriyaki chicken. Not very tasty.

Angela B.

Build your own rice and noodle bowls were a huge hit at lunch! Thank you!

Betty Z.

The delivery person was very nice, helped set up, and explained the ramen assembly. The food was delicious!

Rachel R.

I couldn't wait to submit this review. Ejji was a wonderful alternative for our lunch. This was my first order with them and I have been hearing all afternoon how great the food was. The order was delivered right on time and the gentleman who dropped it off drew a diagram of how the buffet was to be setup. Everything was labeled as we had asked with instructions (Miso Broth - Shake Well).
My order consisted of the Build Your Own Bowl Buffet. The corn broth was an excellent alternative to satisfy all diets. We generally don't order pork but tried it today and it was delicious. Well seasoned and cooked perfectly. We ordered both thin ramen and rice noodles and both tasted great. To add something on the side we opted for the Shrimp Shumai which had guests going back for it even after the lunch was over. The sodas were even a hit, something refreshing and new to try. There are no complaints and we will be adding Ejji to our go to list of Food Partners.

Christy S.

Food was Great. Delivery was on time actually a little early Oscar was super friendly

Micah C.

Early this December, I had a holiday party with my school's honors program. Usually, we pick an ethnic/unique cuisine for everyone to try. Many people have not tried ramen before, so I suggested Ejji. It was perfect because they offered catering services. It's really helpful to have Ejji on Foodify because you can see what they offer for catering. However, I was able to talk directly to Oscar about what we wanted and for how many people.

Everything went smoothly. Oscar and Ten were able to deliver the food. At first, we didn't think there would be enough for everyone...but there was a ton of food! You really get your money's worth. After the event, we still had leftovers for a few days.

If you're ordering ramen, they bring the noodles portioned already. The broth comes in containers. I recommend getting the miso corn broth if you have vegetarians because you can just add meat toppings later on. Overall, it was a great experience. Delicious food and awesome service. Thanks so much to Oscar, Ten and the Ejji staff!

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